Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?

Cocoa Hoto moves into a new town to attend school. There, she begins living with Chino Kafū at her family’s Rabbit House café, working as a waitress to pay for her accommodation.

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          Cocoa Hoto

A young girl who moves into the Kafū residence and helps out at the Rabbit House to pay for her accommodation. She is quite keen on cute things, considering Chino as a little sister to her, and is skilled in baking bread. Named after hot cocoa.

Chino Kafū

The granddaughter of the Rabbit House’s owner. A quiet and soft spoken girl who slowly warms up to Cocoa, though is often annoyed by her insistence on being called ‘big sister’. Along with her father, she is the only one who knows the secret concerning Tippy and her grandfather. Named after cappuccino.

Rize Tedeza

One of the waitresses at the Rabbit House. The daughter of a soldier, she has a very disciplined, military-like personality, however she is still very kind. She even carries a Glock and combat knife hidden on her person, but she is shown to having a strong feminine side as well, such as being vulnerable to cute things, and her appearance. She’s pretty close to Sharo. Named after Thé des Alizés tea.

Chiya Ujimatsu

Cocoa’s classmate at high school, whose family runs a coffee shop of their own, Ama Usa An (甘兎庵?), which has its own rabbit mascot named Anko. Named after uji matcha tea.


A female angora rabbit and the Rabbit House’s mascot, who is so fluffy that she looks more like a fluffball than a rabbit. When not around Cocoa and the others, typically sat atop Chino’s head, she speaks in a manly voice and helps Chino’s father out at the bar. It is later revealed that through some unknown circumstances (though it is implied Cocoa was somehow involved), Tippy possesses the spirit of Chino’s grandfather, who runs the Rabbit House.

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